We value our patients' experience at Chun Chiropractic. 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "My neck, shoulder pain and the numbness on my left arm was so bothering and I couldn't take anymore! Wow Dr. Chun adjusted my back and my neck and shoulder pain level went down 8 to 2 immediately! Today is my third week seeing him, I am very happy my body is getting back to almost normal.
    Great chiropractor I would recommend to everyone!"
    Tomomi Y.
  • "I've been to two appointments with Dr. Chun, and have gotten immediate relief. This guy is a chiro genius from what I can tell. He uses techniques I've never seen before and thinks thru how to correct your problems. Highly recommended!"
    E C.
  • "I'm so happy I found Dr. Chun. I've dealt with chronic migraines and neck pain for about 6 months, the pain was so bad I wasn't able to work at times. I've been seeing Dr. Chun 2-3 times a week for about 6 weeks and I've found so much relief. Even though my muscles are still tight from being in pain constantly, after each visit I feel amazing and have the best sleep. We're slowly getting there and I'm very happy to see more progress in the coming months! Definitely recommend Dr. Chun for all your chiropractic needs!"
    Nora H.
  • "Dr. Edward Chun is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced as a chiropractor. I definitely recommend you visit him yourself if you're dealing with back or neck pain. He has graduated from one of the best chiropractic schools in the nation and when he reviewed my back condition he provided me with expert advice and insights that I had never received before. His new Patient deal for only $29.00 is honestly a steal for the great insights you'll gain as well as a free massage. Which was one of the best I've had. Dr. Chun is a man of integrity who truly cares for his patients well-being."
    Gabriel L.
  • "Wow I'm so glad I came in today to see Dr. Chun, not only did I get adjusted but he truly educated me on areas that I had no clue about. Life can get busy that we forget to take care of our own bodies and wonder why certain areas hurt. Dr. Chun explained where I was having pain and showed me why. Which made me aware of my bad habits that I need to fix and really take care of myself especially my posture. Looking forward to more visits so I can fix my problem areas and get rid of my back pain. Thank you soooo much Dr. Chun! I highly recommend everyone to come see him so he can help you as well!"
    Claudia M.